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Our High School Team Camp is designed to expose high school teams to a college training environment. Each day, teams will get a different college coach to take them through one or two practices focused exclusively on attacking play, and one scrimmage against another high school team. Each player will therefore be coached and evaluated by four different college coaches.

In addition to the training sessions and scrimmage, players will participate in group discussions on topics such as how to get recruited, what to expect on your first day of college soccer and how to prepare for the college soccer experience. There will also be a college player panel where high school players can ask questions of college players without the presence of coaches or parents. Players will be tutored on the importance of strength and conditioning. Players will also have access to recovery sessions in our pool and be able to relax an bond in our game room.

High School Team Soccer Camp
$495 per player (16 player minimum)

For more information on our High School Team Camp, contact Roy Dunshee at:

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